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The Nubra valley offers the most surreal landscape...high altitude sand dunes, mountains of every conceivable colour - maroon, yellow, green, purple and many more shades, a really wide patch of dried river bed (the river may have dried millions of years ago) on which u drive to reach the other side of the mountain, monasteries carved out of the rocks and perched on the mountainside, patches of green where farmers work diligently and endless roads which seem to be heading only to the Siachen Glacier! What an amazing landscape! Part of the way, the road is alongside the azure blue river, with winding roads throwing up a different landscape at every turn. Leh valley with its stark beauty thrills u, but Nubra valley with all that it offers makes u think that you are on a different planet. Due to army movement, the roads leading to and from Nubra are one way - say Saturday from Leh to Nurba and Sunday from Nubra to Leh. As you descend from the Khardung-la pass towards the Nubra side, you will also see the wavy patterns formed on the glaciers as a result of the strong winds. Simply mind-blowing!!! Do make it a point to eat at the local dhaba's on the way...these little shacks have the most delicious yet simple meals to offer! Contrary to the horror stories we heard about the high altitude sickness especially at the Khardung-la, we (including our 8 year old son) did not face any problems whatsoever. The trick I guess lied in the fact that we completely rested for almost 30-36 hours after flying into Leh and left for Nubra only after acclimatizing for 2 nights at Leh. There is limited accommodation option (very basic) at some of the villages in the Nubra valley but the setting is beautiful - set amidst green trees, with streams flowing nearby and the snow-capped mountains in the background. The sand dunes at Hunder are beautiful and the sight of double-humped camels against the backdrop of the setting sun looks straight out of an Arabian night’s story. Unfortunately the double humped camels are commercially exploited and with the crowds waiting to board the camel, one would wonder where the sensibility of the people is?! Why can’t u just let nature be? The portion of the sand dunes where the camels are available for joy-rides is overcrowded, but you walk a little inward and away and lo-behold! You will have all the sand dunes to yourselves!

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