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The name Bangalore is the Anglicized version of Bengaluru. Legend has it that Veera Ballala I, a prosperous King of the eleventh century, was hunting in the thick forest of his peaceable kingdom when he lost his way and took refuge in an isolated hut, the home of a lonely poor woman who had nothing to offer but a dish of boiled beans. This city also is a gateway to Southern India. People on their way to Ooty, Kodaikanal, Madras, Kanyakumari, Mangalore etc., for that matter even Karnataka, stop here as it acts as a center point to all the other places and is well connected to other major cities. Today it has almost become the fifth metro of India and is fastest growing city in Asia. The King was so grateful at being served this humble meal that he named the town he founded on the site “Benda Kal ooru”, which means “town of boiled beans” in the local dialect “Kannada”. An Anglicized corruption of the original name morphed into “Bangalore.” Bangalore is one of the incredible shopping destinations in Asia. This city is a paradise for shoppers who wish to buy from the simplest of Indian handicrafts to the international designer label. India’s top business and technology schools are here in Bangalore. The “Garden City” has numerous educational institutions which offer quality education on various disciplines. Bangalore is really a cool place to be in if you want to relax as well as enjoy your life. Details given here make a perfect guide for tourists and enrich the knowledge of local people about the city and state.

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